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About us

Our friendship began while working at ISM Business School in training and consulting leaders. Later, we established a successful training and consulting company "TMD partners" together with our colleagues. Both of us have been developing various management and leadership training programs for 14 years. Our joint work synergy grew into a solid area of TMD management training expertise. 


We have established ourselves as a team of two to further develop our 20 years' experience in consulting organizations. 


We now choose to focus our efforts on a more specific area – coaching top-level managers and their teams to prosper. We facilitate leaders to find ways to:

  • acquire better self-awareness; 

  • consciously change behavioural patterns which may be preventing their own, their team’s and their organisation’s growth;

  • choose an authentic leadership style;

  • develop a cohesive leadership team and an organizational culture built on trust. 


We believe that self-aware and people-oriented leaders create long-lasting value for their organisations.

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