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Leadership Team Coaching

Why is it important?

Acknowledged leadership experts indicate that it is increasingly difficult for a single leader in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment to meet the expectations of different stakeholders. Even the most charismatic person's abilities, experience, situation handling skills, or ideas can potentially be insufficient to manage the complex challenges of an organization. "In our global, highly complex world, the heroic leadership figure has increasingly become a relic", claims one of the most prominent organizational development experts, Manfred Kets De Vres (2011). P. Hawkins (2016) backs this idea by suggesting the solution, "[The] heroic leader is dead, long live the leadership team." We support this shared leadership team approach within organizations, and that is why we recommend the Leadership Team Coaching Process for our clients. Team coaching as defined by AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaching) – is a several month process that “enables teams to identify and address their challenges over a programme, resulting in deeper learning and more sustainable changes”.

Who is it for?

Leadership teams who wish to:

  • successfully operate as the team while working with important stakeholders;

  • attain the maximum possible value using individual experiences and creative potential of the team members;

  • take the challenge of knowing one another better and opening themselves to the others to create team values and culture, based on mutual trust;

  • consistently develop the skills of the team.

What is the benefit?

  • Evaluation of the team's strengths and areas for improvement as well as measuring the progress with acknowledged methodologies;

  • agreement of a specific team to reach the set goals;

  • prompt decision making and open communication to avoid the time wasted in internal politics and psychological defence;

  • keeping commitments and not reviewing the decisions made;

  • the whole team, not only the CEO, taking responsibility for the results of the company.

Approach and methods applied:

According to our practice, it is sometimes difficult for the team to progress based only on the interrelation dynamics. The reasons may lie within the broader system of the company. Maybe shareholders do not provide clear guidelines or the expectations of internal and external customers are perceived differently.


Therefore, our team coaching workshops are based on a systemic approach to the leadership team and the company. We see the leadership team as a group of people whose results and successful co-working depends on individual stories, inter-dynamics of the team, company culture as well as the connection with the stakeholder groups.

Approaches and concepts applied in leadership team coaching:

Team coaching process:

1. Understanding the team context and contracting.

2. Applying team assessment tools.

3. Team workshops every six months or as agreed.

4. One-on-one coaching for the team members.

5. Assessing team progress.

6. Closing session.


(The process of every team case may be different) 

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