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Mentorship Scenarios


Why is it important?

One of the high maturity levels of an organisation is the company's ability to learn from its own experience. A mentorship program is a process when leaders share their career experiences, successes and failures with younger, less experienced colleagues, who are curious, searching and talented.    

As multiple research shows - organisations that have structured mentorship programs can replace critical positions 23% faster, 20% of such organizations have 20% smaller HR turnover and 1.7 times higher possibility of retaining the organisational knowledge and experience. Despite the great benefits of having mentorship programs, only 36% of companies have standardised mentorship programs.

Who is it for?

For those who:

  • wish to grow talents and keep the leadership succession;

  • wish to pass on and validate company knowledge;

  • wish to have efficient reversed mentoring;

  • wish to strengthen the connections across different functions, levels, generations, stakeholders within an organisation.

Methodology and approaches applied:

  • We believe that the appropriate motivation among mentors and mentees is the key success factor of mentorship.

  • As internal culture is unique in every organisation so does the mentorship scenario. Our experience in this field has shown that it is a 1-1.5 year long, structured process under our supervision and is adjusted to the specific needs of an organisation. 

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